Had a dream last night and I think it was the first one I’ve ever had with Silas in it.  Certainly it is the first I remember with any clarity.

We were in a big complex, some sort of large multi-use space and I was with him, but I was more following him around than taking care of him. He was tiny, a toddler, but he was very agile and competent.  We went swimming in this big pool and then he showed me some of the other places in the complex.  I remember walking with him down hallways and then stepping into large, open rooms. It was all very nice, but I wasn’t sure what we were doing there, and I was very surprised at how able he was at everything.

When he first jumped in the pool I was like oh shit!  What are you doing?  But he knew how to swim.  I think he even got out and jumped back in a few times and I did, too.  That’s how I swim, though.  I get in the water for a little while and then get out and do a cannonball in and then float, then sink to the bottom, then bob, then get in a splashfight with someone, then get out and do a cannonball again.

Always before I get out for good I like to float on my back for a little while with my ears underwater and my eyes closed and feel the silence of the World.

We didn’t talk while we walked and swam, Silas and I.  He just showed me around.  I was glad that he was safe, but I wasn’t thrilled that he was there.

It wasn’t easy to get up today.  Obviously.