I found a way to quell the morning knot of sadness.  Sleep till noon.  Only problem is that then it becomes the afternoon knot of sadness.  But then there’s lunch and that’s always nice.  After that I know there’s a beer in my future not too far away and then people stop by and there’s random shit to do in the house and then wow, check it out, evening has arrived!

Today was better than yesterday.  I think seeing family leave that had been here since the start of all of this caused some apprehension for me.  But it wasn’t us being left alone, it was just a shift change, and our recent company has been amazing.  I see things in the apartment that I think I should go and do, stuff like dishes or clothes piling up or just the regular mess of life but by the time I get up the gumption to do it, it’s already done.  Incredible.  Those simple acts of caring and organizing are so helpful in soothing our tortured souls.

Another shift change is in the works, but we know there are more people arriving soon.  So far, we have not been left alone in this house since this all started last week and that has been a very good thing.  The noise of other humans just being nearby banishes the terrifying quiet.  We will have to go there eventually, but just not quite yet.