I want Silas to be my superhero.  If I can’t be with him to see everything he does, I have to find his acts in the actions of the world.

Tomorrow morning our dear friends are going to the hospital.  Their gorgeous little daughter Carly is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor from her small, strong brain.  It is a situation we have known about for a little while but it is something we have struggled to understand.  It was incomprehensible to us before the birth of Silas, and we continue to be stunned by the unfairness of it all.

Carly has the best surgeons in the world preparing to heal her tiny mind.  And we are sending them so much love and support in this time of their profound need.  Your love is helping us heal and there is always enough to spread around.

Please think healing thoughts for Carly tomorrow as soon as you wake in the dawn.  We will be thinking of her perfect healthy brain here, and Silas will be fighting for her where ever he is, however he can, and your love and thoughts and energy will make a difference in this beautiful girl’s ordeal.

Christa, Brad and Carly, we love you.  Be strong and heal fast.