Lu has been laboring through the night.  She’s doing fantastic, staying calm and focused, but she’s clearly in a lot of pain.  Our friend Andrea is here as Lu’s dula and she has been amazing, too.  We have been massaging Lu with both pressure points and light touch, making sure she’s staying hydrated and helping her move around the house.

Just a few minutes ago Lu and I took a short walk outside where the crescent moon gleamed above and the early morning fall chill filled our lungs.  I’ve seen many mornings after a night without sleep.  None compare to this.

Lu’s mother is on her way over now.  They came up last night and stayed in a hotel nearby.  The midwives are on their way as well.  The tub is still covered, still hot, and ready to go for when Lu is ready to give birth.

That’s still several hours away, most likely, but every surge, every contraction is one step closer to this miraculous goal.

Our child is nearly here.  Everything changes now.