Now that the tub is in, cleaned, and ready, we are convinced we’re going to have to wait.  Unless, of course, the acupuncturist manages to hit just the right spot on Lu’s foot today and send this baby into motion.  She has been going to help her carpal tunnel but we have heard many stories of acupuncture being used to great success for initiating labor.

The appointment ended at 3pm and then she was going to run some errands.  It’s 3:20pm now and no call so that means either it didn’t work, or it’s going to take a little while for things to get going.

I’m just not feeling it though.  Not yet.  My guess is for the 23rd but I know quite a few people that are convinced that first babies are always late, which will put us into October.  And that, I’m afraid, will put Lu over the edge.