Sometimes life just steps up and kicks you in the balls.  Take yesterday for example.  Lu was in my car, I was in the pickup truck and we were driving back to MA to return the truck that had carried the birthing tub to our house.  Lu was a ways ahead of me because she was in the 2003 Matrix while I was taking it slow with the old pickup when I get a frantic call from her.

“I was at a stoplight and then put the car in first and tried to go and it just made this awful grinding sound!  None of the gears work!”

Thankfully she and the baby were both fine, but the car was not.  I get there a few minutes later, try to drive it, hear the sound that cuts so deep and knew we are fucked.  An hour and a half later the tow truck shows up and a short tow later we are at the nearby Toyota dealer.

Right from the get-go I’m thinking it’s either clutch or transmission but neither should be the case because it’s a Toyota so the transmission should be fine for hundreds of thousands of miles, and the clutch was new as of April.  Turns out it is the transmission, or at least they have to take the tranny off and crack it open to see exactly what is wrong.  Brutal.

Taking it off is a $500 job and that’s before they even start poking around.  I could have taken it to a local garage and paid less for labor, but for something as serious and vital as the clutch or transmission, I only wanted Toyota experts handling it.  They are closed today so tomorrow morning I’ll get the full diagnosis and I’m sure it’s going to hurt.

The most important thing, though, is that Lu and the baby are fine.  I suppose that could have happened when I was rushing home because her labor was starting, so better to get it out of the way before that.  But still, man, this timing just fucking sucks.

As a result of that and the many other pressures building here I had to ditch the Farmer’s Market today and instead we are focused on putting the final touches on the apartment for home birthing.  We’re going to soap, bleach and rinse the tub one final time, then move it into position in the dining room.

By sunset today we will be as prepared as we can be.  And then it’s just a waiting game.