This weekend is the final hurdle before we have a clear path into a calm and focused labor.  Today we’re back on the road to return the truck that carried the tub here, and then to a small gathering of old friends to hang out for the day.   Sunday we have the Coventry Farmer’s Market, which means an early rise, a drive to the coffee shop to brew and prep, another drive an hour north to the market, where we will set up and sell an enjoy another wonderful Sunday at the farmer’s market.  Even though it’s work, it’s still a highlight of the week.

If Lu and the baby can hang on until next week everything would be a lot easier for all of us. Lu is confident that she won’t start labor for at least several more days, but the crazy thing is, she really doesn’t know.  Labor could sneak up at any time!

Uh oh, minor morning meltdown due to extreme hunger is occuring.  Time to cook for my babies.