Birthing tub is filling up in the back yard.  We timed it to see how long the hot water would flow from the hot water heater in the basement and it topped out at 20min.  It’s only a 38 gallon tank and that put about 3 inches of hot water in the tub.

That’s not nearly enough.

We are going to be using our upstairs neighbor’s tank as well, but that’s only 6 inches of water in a tub that needs to be filled with about 2 feet of hot water.  Which means I will be boiling water on the stove for a long time to get the water to the correct temperature and height.

The water must be 100 degress for Lu to use it for birthing.  She will only need it for the final stages of labor, the last hour or so, but it’s impossible to guess how much time I will have from the time contractions start to the moment she needs the tub.

If I have 4 hours we should be fine.  Anything less is gonna be touch and go.