Well, the Mets lost but it was a personal victory because we didn’t have the baby in Shea Stadium.  Really fun being there, but it’s so much better when the hometeam wins it.  Especially with a whole family of Mets fans.  It’s a shocking thing to see a bunch of grown men cry over baseball.  Ha!

Contractions are coming strong and often, but they are the Braxton-Hicks style.  As in practice contractions.  Not the real deal yet, but we are definitely close.  Lu is still rockin it, though.  Worked the farmer’s market with me today, took the ramp up to the seats on Friday and not the escalator.  She’s still straightening and cleaning and getting the house ready for our new addition but she is finished teaching yoga classes for several months.

I was nervous about us going to the game on Friday, especially after the ultratech told us she was 39 weeks along and carrying an 8+lb baby.  But now that the game is behind us I’m feeling really good about the whole situation.  I love that Lu is not working anymore and can just focus on herself, on the baby, and on preparing for the big day.  I’m thrilled that we are picking up the birthing tub tomorrow, but that’s not even that big of a deal because we have another rental tub on hold nearby that we can have delivered at a moments notice if her labor starts.  

For Lu’s sake I hope the baby is ready sooner rather than later, but there’s not much we can do about all that.

Yesterday as I was leaving the house to head to the shop to roast coffee I asked her, “Is today the day?”

“Definitely not,” she replied.  “The baby’s not ready.  In a week or so it will be, but not yet.”  

And she was right.  Yesterday wasn’t the day.  

I do have a theory of when the baby and Lu will be ready, though.  

Several months ago Lu tossed a bunch of sunflower seeds into our front yard.  Only one of them rooted and sprouted and it has grown into a very impressive stalk with many large leaves.  A few days ago leaves stopped appearing and a starbust of green formed at the top of the stalk.  It is the flower, but it has not bloomed yet. The day it does, I believe, will be the day Lu starts labor.  It’s just a theory with no basis in reality, but I’m sticking to it, for now.