The vortex is upon us.  The belly bulges and kicks with life.  Every time my phone rings and it’s Lu at the other end I wait for the words that send me flying into action.  She has been having Braxton-Hicks contractions often every day now.  Her body is practicing for the actual birth but at some point this ‘false labor’ will become real.

“Chris!” she said when she called the other day.  “WHAT?” I demanded, my heartrate rising.  “What do you want for dinner?” she asked placidly.  I sat down heavy and relived and caught my breath before responding, softly, “Whatever you want.  Whatever you want is fine.”

Tuesday is the test run.  The tech rehearsal.  Midwives will be in the house and everyone that will be here for the birth should be coming over.  They want to see where the tub will go and how it will all play out when the big day comes.  The energy.  The logistics.  The physical shape of the things we can control for that day.

Lu is over it.  Over being pregnant.  Over the watermelon’s weight around her midsection.  The wrist pain has not let up despite acupuncture and wrist braces.  She sits upright on the bed with those black wristguards on like a commander of an intergalactic battleship.  Between her and the cats there’s barely room for me.  Add the baby finally out of the womb and it’s definitely couch-time for me for a while.

Where will we be when it begins?  Hopefully it will be late at night/early in the AM when I’m still around and we can begin to assemble the pieces calmly and coolly together.  Chances are though I’ll be in some far-flung section of the state and I will have to force myself to drive sanely down the highway to be by her side for everything else that there is to come.

(Oh and btw, from here on out I’m going to be giving quick daily updates so stop by often.)