Sausage feet.  That’s what Lu has taken to calling herself.  I try to help as much as I can, but this is such a physically personal event that there’s only so much I can do.  Can’t make the wrists stop hurting or reduce the swelling of her feet and ankles but hopefully acupuncture tomorrow will.  One thing I found interesting is how when Lu tells other women about the carpal tunnel they suddenly remember that they had that side effect, too.  Apparently once the baby is born, women somehow forget some of the unpleasantness of being pregnant.  I’m sure it’s a chemical thing their bodies are wired to do. Otherwise we’d all be only kids.

And it’s really not all fun and games.  Lu has been a bit surprised that she hasn’t enjoyed this quite as much as she anticipated.  She thought she would take to pregnancy and really love the whole experience, but that was not exactly the case.  It’s hard work.  Every day, all day, her body is working in a brand new way, pushing itself to new extremes, and into new shapes.

What a shape it is.  Her belly is… prodigious.  It is impressive.  It looks as though she has taken a watermelon and hidden it under her shirt.  There’s no more lifting or bending.  She can’t even twist around when seated to look behind her.  I think the physical limitations of pregnancy has been a bit of a shock to her.  Since her job and her life is to move and exercise and to be in tune with her finely toned body this transformation has been difficult.  Suddenly her body is acting and reacting in ways she cannot control or even fully understand.  There has to be a certain feeling of powerlessness, that once started this is an experience she must see to a rather wild and crazy end.  How a choice made months ago is still having such profound repercussions on every moment of her life and the entire forseeable future.  I feel that on some level, but it is still an intellectual exercise for me.  Lu is living within it constantly.

The crazy thing is just how powerful she is.  She is magic manifest and it has been absolutely awe-filled to be with her every day since this began.  So I gladly rub her sausage feet and massage her wrists and arms.  I tell her every day how beautiful she looks and I insist–because I believe it–that she is doing an incredible job creating this new person for planet Earth.