Lu doesn’t give herself enough credit.  She thinks she’s complaining a lot, but I don’t.  I’m impressed with how hard she has been working and how much she’s been able to do despite apparently swallowing a basketball.

It has been an amazing three months.  Lu has been able to work, got her appetite back, kicked her cough and even got in a few good nights of sleep.  It has been a dramatic change from the uncomfortable weirdness of the first few months of her pregnancy.  The party is coming to an end, though.  2 months out, 32 weeks in and Lu is really starting to feel it.

The kicks are stronger, the weight is greater and the space is limited.  Some evenings her belly is taut with the very real presence of the child within. For the last few weeks Lu has had trouble catching her breath after walking or stairs, but recently that has subsided.  We think it’s because the baby is riding lower within her, beginning to drop into position.

Lately Lu has awoken with an arm fast asleep.  Turns out numbness and carpal tunnel are sometimes symptoms of pregnancy.  Really what I’ve learned is that basically anything can be just a normal symptom of pregnancy as long as it doesn’t happen too much and become a problem.

We can feel the baby often, now.  Elbows, feet, the strong, tiny back and even the bottom have been identified through the skin of Lu’s womb.  It is surreal and wonderful and more than a little scary.  Good scary sure, but so extremely real and life-altering that it’s almost like staring at the sun.

I look at Lu’s belly and see the next two months collapsing into a series of very brief vignettes of the daily rhythm of our lives falling into one another nearly identically (just her belly grows) until some unknown day in the future where sight collapses.

Imagination falters and fades.  There is only Lu and her belly and the birth and a baby boy or girl screeching into our lives.

Then chaos as all our gears shift.

Then we will settle into a new life and new rhythms will grow until we cannot imagine how we ever lived without the child in our lives.  I can almost see what that all will be like and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m looking forward to being an active participant instead of just watching and waiting and wondering from out here.

And Lu is ready for the babe-in-arms stage, too.  She cannot move like she usually does, and carrying that much weight is no easy task.  Insanely, leading up to delivery the baby will gain a pound a week.  Frankly, I cannot imagine where that is going to go.  Lu has her doubts, as well. Very quickly now we are going to be starting on the Crazy Stage where anything can happen at a moment’s notice.

I believe that Lu will take the baby to full-term.  She’s extremely thorough in everything she does.  But getting there is going to be wild.