It is obvious what is about to happen, but it is impossible to fully apprehend. The pictures of Lu’s progression leave no room for doubt. We are going to have a child. We are about to become parents. Right now, we’re not. Right now we are two people joined by love and promises of marriage and the shared responsibility for an impending baby.

Soon the joint responsibility for a new human will be ours. I’ve seen a lot of people do it and it looks like something I can handle but how it’s all gonna go down is impossible to know right now. And by “all” I’m talking the next forever of my life. Our lives.

I can see us three together, though. I can see the child in Lu’s arms, feel her passing him or her to me. I softly sniff the silken hair and I smell the scent of fresh baby. Our baby. But that baby is going to grow and as it grows this person will live a whole life all on their own, just like you and me. Our parents made us at the most fundamental level, and they guided us into understanding and morality and love. But in the end we each live every day completely in our own skin, even as that skin and our minds stretch to comprehend the endless complexity of the world.

We start as 46 tiny strands of chromosomes and we grow to the point where we can know that the Universe is bigger than our minds can know. Thirty-four years from now my son or daughter will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I feel like I’ve been riding in a train as Lu runs beside it. I’m watching her transformative journey of effort and action, of strength and exhaustion, of inexorable and extreme beauty. Pregnancy pushes female humans to the edge of their capabilities. It is incredible to watch.

Lu pregnant is a breathtaking example of the Universe at its most powerful. Like a star igniting in the vacuum of space, like atoms colliding into energy, so too is the union of cells that now kicks and swims in Lu’s womb, filled with the fire of our love.