It is still rather amazing to me when I see Lu getting special treatment because of her condition.  I’m not necessarily surprised by it anymore, but it is still a lot of fun to watch.

This past weekend we saw a moe. show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ.  With my mom a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and Lu a die-hard Jovi-head this was a fun venue to check off the list.  They had some trouble getting people in at will-call for some reason, but once inside the bartenders were fast and friendly, the stage out back elevated so that even Lu could see, and the music, fireworks and friends were all spectacular.

But what was really the most fun for me was the way the staff broke their own rules for my wife.  Right off the bat she was flaunting policy by bringing in her own water bottle.  They let her pass without question.  Once inside I ordered a beer, and despite the many others waiting to be served, the gruff, efficient, 50 year old tattooed bartender turned sweet as pie when Lu asked him to fill up her 2 liter bottle.  Finally, at setbreak Lu just wasn’t comfortable in what she was wearing, so despite the many posted “NO RE-ENTRY” signs the staff was totally cool with her slipping out to change and then coming right back in.  What pregnant lady wants, pregnant lady gets.

Moe. was the baby’s second show.  The first was Liz Phair and a few weeks from now we’re going to see Wilco and Ween and hopefully, somehow, Radiohead, too.  That’s an nice spectrum of musical styles and it will be interesting to see what type of music the baby responds to the most.  My nephew Oren lights up whenever he hears “Either Way” by Wilco, while on the other hand my friend’s son Cobe absolutely loves to shout and run and jump and scream to heavy-metal rock and roll.  He’s three right now and I have no doubt someday he’ll take a mosh-pit by storm.