We babysat today. Still are in fact. This is actually a liveblog of babysitting my nephew Oren and I hope you can sense the excitement. Right now… he’s sleeping. Been that way for a good 2 hours. Before that I cradled him in my arms as Wilco played and he blissed out, but between the musical bliss and the blissful slumber, there were tears. And wailing. And more tears.

Seriously, he was acting like such a baby! I mean, he’s a year now, so like, what gives? Grow up kid and start cherishing sleep like all us over-worked, under-napped, on-the-go adults who would give both pinkies and an arm for a few extra hours under the covers. Not even a dad yet and I’m already complaining about lack of sleep! Actually he’s just like the rest of us Gallaghers. We fight slumber to the last moment, always hoping for another few minutes of hangout time, always ready to be the one to tuck the rest of them in, always the one locking down the place and shutting off the lights. Why would we expect our youngest family member to be any different?

I already expect the same from our unborn child. 11pm seems to be the time when the baby stirrs in Lu’s womb, kicking and thumping along to our laughter at the Daily Show. Lu says the baby knows when my hand is on her belly. I believe her because the thumps are strong and frequent when my hand rests there. We don’t know if our baby will be a boy or a girl, but we do know it will be a night-owl.

So we put Oren in the crib at 8pm but he knew there was lots of hanging out and having fun going on only one floor below. And he did everything he could to get us to give in and grab him and bring him down. But we knew it was just a ruse, a last ditch effort at rejoining the party. He wailed with gusto at first. Then with gaps of quiet. Then whimpers. Then sleep. It was tough to wait him out, but far better for everyone that he stick to his schedule.

It was hard to hear him crying away up there. But I know that is a sound I will have to get used to many times over. I already volunteered for the night shift with our new little one. I have a feeling my night-owl tendencies will be extremely useful in the coming months. I just hope I’ve still got what it takes to play through the night and perform the next day. Unfortunately all baby has to do is eat, drink, sleep and shit. I’m certain the kid has got me beat.