I have this theory about “The Vortex.” It’s a phenomenon I’ve seen over and over again in my life, and I’ve gotten good at noticing when I am on the verge of one.  Usually I can see them coming, but sometimes they do just appear out of no where.  This one has been swirling on the horizon for a while now, but it has begun to encompass my entire field of mental vision, and that means I’m already inside it.

The fact is it started long ago–those first tiny gravitational tugs–when Lu and I fell in love.  But it was distant and theoretical and anything but certain.  Now it is the opposite of all of that.  That transition of theoretical to actual occurred back in January when we first discovered that Lu was pregnant.  Pregnancy was a supernovae that blasted into our life and illuminated everything about us in a brand new light.  The light still glows in our faces and souls, but now the gravity of what was created in her womb has clearly started to pull on us.  Everything in our lives is falling inward, into Lu’s belly, into that singular moment when we pass out of this life we are in now, and into the new one only 3 months away.

I stare at her belly.  We talk to and about the child within.  Our hands rub and rest on the soft round skin, and we both go wide-eyed when we feel a bump or nudge.  Actually, my eyes go wide, Lu’s eyes thin as she smiles smugly, nodding, wonderfully thrilled by what is happening within.

We have set ourselves on a path that we will see to the end, and this journey will most definitely transform us as we move forward.  Like the first notes to a song, like a ticket on a plane, like mailing save-the-dates for a distant wedding or party, events have been set in motion that have quickly gone beyond me.  Events have quickly taken on a life of their own.

This time that’s not just a figure of speech.

And that is why this vortex feels stronger and crazier and far more transformative than any in the past.

We are taking classes to prepare us for the day.  Insanely tiny clothes and objects have begun to populate our home.  I have begun to see pregnant women, children and babies every time I turn around.  90% of all of our conversations have, in some way, something to due with our unborn child.  We have begun to circle ever tighter around the event horizon of this birth.  And then, someday soon, the circling will end and the full-force crush of life and change and birth and baby will completely tangle time and warp reality as Lu performs the most profound act of her life (and mine) and gives birth to our baby.

We enter that day partners.  We will end it parents.

I can’t wait to see what the Universe looks like from the other side.