Breathing.  Finding her focus for the uterine surges.  Leaving fear behind to embrace the beautiful experience of giving birth.  Relaxation, calmness and meditation for this crazy thing called Hypnobirthing.  And there I am to make jokes at the classes, and then softly massage her back as she sits on the birthing ball during the labor.  Only 12 weeks left to go.  Or so.

It’s all happening so fast.

9 months seems like a long time.  It’s not.  9 months is a blink of the eye when every day your wife is growing larger with life.

It is incredible how different these last few months have been compared to the beginning.  No cough, no nausea, her appetite is back and even though she’s working hard every second of the day, she still has enough energy to work, garden, shop and do everything else she does with a smile on her face and a hand on her belly.

Shoots are sprouting in the soil out back.  The trees are thick with leaves.  The heat is settling in and the breezes blow warm through our relaxing back yard where I found Lu tonight, chilled out on a chair, reading about the birth to come and how to craft a clear, calm, purposeful mind amidst the wonder of childbirth.

I just hope I can keep up!