On Saturday I was given one of the most important and special parties a father-to-be can receive.  On Saturday my coming child was celebrated at a Man Shower.  I was dying to know what my friends were going to get me, but in my heart I kept whispering to myself, “please be beer, please be beer, please be beer…”  And lo and behold, it was beer that I was given.  That and pizza and good tunes and lots of competition kicking each others butts in Wii Bowling.  Truly everything and more that a man could ask for before the birth of his first child.

On the other side of town, Lu was getting a similar treatment, just with less beer.  The women of SF threw down a surprise party for her and it came off without a hitch.  How we managed to conceal the facts of this party from one so inquisitive as my wife is absolutely amazing, but somehow we did it.  And yes, there were tears.

6 months in now and flying is out.  This trip out to SF was as far along as we could push it.  She and the baby did great, but it was far from comfortable.  All further journeys for the next several months will be by car, that much is clear.

It is also very very very clear that Lu is going to have a baby.  She recently told me how people will get this different look in their eyes and face when they realize that she is pregnant.  There is a level of respect and understanding and a sort of moment of reflection when they look at her and see the little life blooming within her.  I love that.  I believe it is a universal human instinct to admire, respect and assist the pregnant females of our species.  On a fundamental level we instantly know how important these women are.  We see our mothers in them, our spouses, and of course, our future, curled up into a tiny little creature protected and enveloped within the womb.

It is the most amazing magic trick in the Universe and all of us are a little bit psyched when we see another slo-mo performance of this incredible beauty.