Last weekend while camping Lu felt the first flutterings from within.  We were laying on the airmattress, bundled in sleeping bags in the chilly Vermont night when she suddenly gasped.  “I feel the baby!  Just like my mom said it’s like a fluttering!  That is so crazy!”  I put my hand on her belly to see if I could feel it, but nothing.  It has happened many times since none of which I felt, but today was a new first.  Today she felt a kick.

I wasn’t there to feel it.  I’m away on a business trip.  Well, not so much a business trip as over at my friend’s place for the night because I’ve got a farmer’s market in the morning and I need to be near the shop to be ready to brew coffee in the AM.  Staying over and hanging with them saves me an hour commute in the morning and that is gold.  But I already feel like I’m missing things.  I missed feeling a kick tonight!

When I get back from being away for two full days Lu is definitely bigger.  It feels strange to be thinking about this already, though.  That Lu’s belly is larger and, down the line, that our child will grow while I’m not looking. But that’s just the way life is.  The days and weeks race by into months and suddenly two-thirds of this thing called pregnancy is done and we are in the home stretch toward the day of delivery.

Hypnobirthing classes start tomorrow.  That proves we are getting close.  I can’t believe we’re actually going to have this child in the middle of our apartment, but that is definitely the plan.  With hypnobirthing it is all about relaxation and deep breathing, and that is perfect for Lu.  As a yogi she understands the meditative state and I’m sure this class will be great for her.

Most of all I am impressed that she is planning on giving birth without drugs.  But hey, that’s just how she rolls.