As Lu’s belly expands I can feel it pushing on our world.  New equations must be calculated to apprehend the inevitable.

20 Weeks.  Wow.  The baby will be full-sized at around 37 weeks and that is not that far away.  It is impossible to comprehend how quickly this happens, even as it is happening. I look back and remember when my brother’s wife was pregnant and now suddenly Oren is about to be a year old.  He is full of life and has an incredible personality all his own.  12 months ago he wasn’t here.  Now he is everything.

I can feel the internal pressure of Lu’s self and soul building as well.  She can’t breathe when she lays on her back now.  On the side isn’t good either.  There is a full load of life squirming within her and it is growing faster than my beard and it is pushing on her.  We churned up the yard in the back to grow vegetables and we are buying a car.  The interior configurations of the rooms in this apartment have to be changed and improved.  The future is pushing on the very fabric of our home.

This is like algebra with reality.  Given these known circumstances multiplied this unknown quantity equals everything utterly changed.  We can use factors based on friends and family that have kids.  We can subdivide by the memories of our own childhoods.  Exponents of hope appear when we think about the future years away.  This is no simple math here.  Certainly not the easy addition of adding one life to the two of ours.  This is more than three.  This next step contains x-factors and square roots.

Imaginary lives suddenly become real with the birth of a child.  Hope manifests in that tiny physical being.  Fears appear as we each take on a brand new role in society.  Plans and intentions are put to the test of cold hard reality with all its sharp edges, rough surfaces and random shoves.  We are going to be changed and the proof is in the pressure pushing out from Lu’s lovely womb.