Big day today. It was our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and everything looked great.

It was absolutely stunning to see the child within Lu. Arms legs toes fingers face spine, we could see it all. We could have seen the sex of the child, but we decided not to and the ultrasound technician did a fabulous job keeping the secret for us. I’m certain she saw what it was, but she was careful to have us turn away whenever she was in that area. I know I didn’t peak and I’m fairly certain Lu didn’t either.

This weekend we saw friends, and one of those friends was Andrea who had dreamed that we were pregnant many weeks ago. She had another dream recently in which our child was a boy so obviously that’s huge points in my favor. On the other hand, Andrea’s 3 year old daughter Tasia told Lu that it was a girl. So really who can tell? Well, then ultratech could, but she didn’t, and so we still don’t know.

I’m actually kind of shocked that we both made it through that experience without finding out. The child was twisting and turning in her belly, at one point flipping upside down within the womb.

“She’s a little yogi!” Lu exclaimed, smiling.

“He is!” I agreed and we all laughed.

The child can hear our voices now and so I say goodnight I love you every night to the skin of Lu’s belly, to the tiny ears within, to the newly forming brain and heart.

And despite the silly wrangling of gender guesses and expectations, all either of us really care about is that our child and mom are safe and healthy. I cannot wait to have either a boy or a girl but I’ll have to because we’re only half way there. Which is a good thing. The baby was 11 ounces today. I was born at 11 pounds. He or she still has a ways to grow.