I was right. The paparazzi were just a few miles up the road. It wasn’t a paparazzi of photographs so much as flashes of love and awe in the smiles of all our friends. They rubbed Lu’s baby belly and gave her a hand whenever she needed it. Abs and Trace even loaded up our car with a ton of equipment for caring for a child. It’s funny because when I was packing for the weekend I intentionally packed extremely light knowing that soon I will have endless gear with me at every moment of my life.

Our friends asked before they rubbed her belly which was very polite of them. They’re good like that. But that wasn’t even necessary because we loved it. I’m sure it would be unpleasant to have a stranger approach and wish to touch your pregnant belly, but seeing our friends lay their hands on Lu’s stomach and sigh with love was wonderful indeed. It made both (all 3?) of us so happy to have that love and energy directed into our growing child.

Another friend mentioned how this is pretty much as close to the Mysterious as you can get in a real and concrete way, and I totally agree. Even love itself is difficult to define and can be tough to identify. But having a child is proof that this world is far deeper and more amazing than we can every really comprehend. We can see far into the cosmos, but in the microscopic depths of a growing fetus a process occurs that is nearly impossible to fathom. At some point cells organize into thought and life and perception. At some point cells grow a soul!

I can’t wait to meet the personality that comes with that soul. I can’t wait for all of it.