As I was writing the post below the other night, Lu was in bed falling asleep.  To help herself do that she laid on her back, placed her hands on her growing belly and began to meditate until she dozed off into sleep.  Soon after that I hit ‘publish’ for the post and then crawled into bed.  Lu woke up as I did and she had a few things to tell me.

“I don’t want to find out,” she said.  “I’ve been thinking about it, and everyone I’ve talked to has said it’s so much more fun to not find out until the delivery that I think I can handle not knowing for sure.  Melis is gonna be pissed that now we’re one of those couples, but oh well.  I want to wait!”

“Awesome,” I replied, snuggling up against her.  “You know I’m all for that.”

“But,” she continued, “I think I know what we are having.”

“Oh yeah?” I replied.

“Yeah.  I was laying here meditating falling asleep trying not to cough and I had this really clear image of this firey little girl that is totally determined to take everything she can from me to be born strong and healthy.  She’s got crazy curly hair and a strong personality and the sensation of all this just came to me as I was laying here, so I really think it’s a girl.”

“Alright then!  I’m still thinking it’s a boy, but I’m definitely willing to consider that it is a girl. That was my first impression for sure, but now I do think it’s a boy.”

“Girl.  Definitely a girl,” she said with utter conviction.

“Guess we’ll find out at the end of September,” I replied.

“Guess so,” she agreed.

Then I laid my hand softly on the growing belly bulge and I imagined that I could feel the blood flowing into the tiny child within as all three of us breathed in unison and slowly and quietly we all drifted off to sleep.