The internet is a vortex of worry.  There is almost no point in searching for causes and cures because invariably the worst possible thing is the first to appear.  And the results below that aren’t much better.

Lu got a headache on Saturday and it didn’t really let up until this afternoon.  During that time I discovered a thousand different reasons of what could have caused it and the myriad ways that disaster awaited.  Luckily our midwife is calm, cool and collected.

“Sometimes a headache is just a headache.”

That was exactly what we needed to hear.  Turns out Tylenol is nearly perfectly safe for pregnant women provided it is used sparingly.  Obviously Lu won’t take it for every ache and pain, but when a headache splits her in two it is nice to know there is some relief besides pressure-points I can’t find and massage techniques I am not qualified to perform.

We are 15 weeks in.  That means there is less than 6 months until we have a tiny little newborn child.  For so long this was something that seemed far away and almost unimaginable.  Now imagination has nothing to do with it.  Reality is blooming in her belly.  The days are racing by!