I was laying in bed last night, nearly asleep, when I heard it.  Well, maybe heard isn’t exactly the right word for it and I’m not entirely sure I was actually awake, but that’s the easiest way to describe it.

The house was utterly silent.  The cats were napping all curled up around Lu, who was also totally out.  Not even the furnace churned below the floor.  The sound wasn’t coming from the neighbors upstairs or next door.  It wasn’t even an external sound at all.

From somewhere in my mind, I heard the future.

It was the lingering wail of a newborn baby that was hungry or tired or needed a diaper change or simply just wanted to cry because that’s what babies do.  I realized in that instant how precious our quiet slumber was at this point in our lives.

I didn’t have to move or do anything to address the wailing from within.  It was just an echo of a future-sound, calling back through time to tell me that I should cherish every quiet moment every time I find them.  Because soon, quiet will vanish like the sweet sleep I fell into as my mind grew silent and the dreams enveloped me.