We humans are amazingly adaptable. Beyond where we can survive and thrive, or how we deal with setbacks and challenges, it is remarkable the way we learn to accept the reality around us. We get used to what we have. But it is important to move beyond the easy and obvious. It is important to avoid becoming so adapted to your surroundings that you cannot survive in any other environment. Travel and vacations are good for that, as is walking to work a different way now and then. I have a feeling that having a baby will be a surefire way to shake up our lives and readjust our vantage points.

But somehow, we’ll get used to it. I can already see it with my friends who I have known for years, and have only had kids for the last few. Same with my brother’s family. Their lives with their children are obvious and correct. It only makes sense that they have those children. As mind-bending and life-changing as those little creatures are in their lives, my friends and family are totally consumed and utterly enthralled by their roles as parents.

From here, though, I still can’t quite see how it will all fit together. What will be going on in this apartment 8 months from now at midnight on a Monday? Where will the crib be? Where does all of our stuff go? What will that moment be like when the baby finally falls asleep in my arms and I am afraid to move for hours? All of that is out there in the future and I am being pushed inexorably towards those moments whether I am ready for them or not.

I’m trying to adapt in anticipation but that’s not really the way it works. There’s no way to prepare for so much of this. Like so many before me, I’m going to give fatherhood everything I’ve got and figure it out on the fly. At some point I may even get used to it.

However, one thing I’m sure of is that Lu already knows where the crib is going. She probably has a few other things planned out, too.