I’m a reader, so finding the right book(s) to help me understand and enrich this amazing time in my life is really important to me. Friday night I flipped through a ‘Dad-to-be’ book and realized it was not at all what I was looking for. Sure the ‘what-your-wife-will-be-complaining-about’ list at the end of each month’s chapter was mildly amusing at times, but the other advice was sheer lunacy. The author suggested that in response to my feelings of “helplessness and uselessness at this point in my wife’s pregnancy” I could–and I quote– “buy, buy, buy!” Over $3000 worth of baby-crap was suggested for purchase. I suddenly realized this wasn’t a book so much as a 150 page advertisement for exactly the opposite of the type of life I lead, and the life I want my family to have.

We are psyched about second-hand. Our friends and family have kids quickly growing, and all of them have tons of stuff for us to use. We are thrilled to have it. Not only because of the cost-saving and eco-friendly aspect of reusing perfectly good baby equipment, but also because of the love and happiness associated with those objects. We enjoy being on that chain of sharing and helpfulness. The expertise of the people around us will definitely make our new-parent-lives easier.

Our baby is the size of a lime this week. Reflexes, squinching eyes, and clenching fingers and toes are in motion in my wife’s womb. If we give a little poke to her belly, the baby will respond but she would not be able to feel it. The baby is about 2 inches long and weighs about a half an ounce.

Friends just gave birth today. Dylan Diego is his name and he was 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches. That is at least ten times the size of our’s right now and we’ve only got 6 months to go. Now wonder Lu is uncomfortable. That baby-to-be grows at a ridiculous rate.

I also just realized that someday our kids will be teenagers together, and frankly, that has trouble written all over it.