First trimester is almost over and Lu is very much looking forward to tri-2.  Supposedly there is less nausea, less discomfort and more feeling-awesome in general.  It’s hard to believe the number of times I have heard the following sentences: “I have to pee,” “I’m starving,” and “yeeeuuuuck!”  Not that I’m complaining.  Lu is an absolute champ in the being-pregnant department.  It’s just crazy what this condition does to a woman’s body.

So yesterday we saw the midwife and decided that a home birth is the way to go for us.  Today, Lu was teaching her kid’s yoga class at a local school and one of the 8 year old girls in her class asked her “if she was going to have a hospital birth or a home birth?”  That triggered the recognition for Lu, and she realized that this little girl is actually the daughter of the midwife we met with the day before.

That’s crazy enough on its own, but then later on in the day at another location, in another town nearby, Lu was walking out of another children’s yoga class she had just finished teaching when that same little girl and her midwife mother came strolling into the facility.

I’m not necessarily one for signs or portents, but when the Universe starts hitting me over the head with the same good people, I have to sit up and take notice.  The midwife and her family are similar to us.  They go to the same places and share our perspective and ideals.  That makes her perfect to help our baby into this world.