Friends came by for dinner tonight and when they drove away a few hours ago, they left their kids behind. That was the plan, though. They get a night to see music or a movie, and we get to practice taking care of young children. It was awesome.

The kids already know us pretty well. The three year old knows us by name and is always happy to see us. But I wasn’t sure how it was going to go when it was actually time for Mom and Dad to step out the door. Me and the three year old were building a plane with Legos so he barely looked up to see them off. my wife had the one year old in her arms attempting to put him to sleep, but he was a little more fussy. It was later than usual so he was probably overtired, and because he’s still so young it had to be a little confusing that his parents weren’t there to put him to bed. I tried taking him for a while and he just screamed and squirmed in my arms, but it worked out because then my wife became a more desirable human for some reason, and after rocking him in the dark for a bit and then laying down with him, he was out.

Before the other one went to bed I read him some stories, but mostly it was just me answering a variety of the same “but why…” questions over and over. So funny. Eventually we took the Lego plane we made and flew around the apartment and then into the bed and he was so good and quiet with his young brother sleeping next to him. I was utterly surprised by how amendable he was to going to bed, and even though he wasn’t quite asleep when I got up, he hasn’t made a peep since. I did promise I’d check on him, though, so I’m gonna do that in just a few minutes. Keeping promises is important.

I know it won’t always be this easy with a kid of our own, but it felt good that we had some instinctive knowledge of how to handle little ones. Without a doubt, though, we still have tons to learn.

The first ultrasound is tomorrow at 3:30pm.  We are so excited to see our little one growing in Mom’s belly.  We are so excited for everything there is to come.