Okay so are we sure this is the way it’s supposed to go? You just sit around waiting for your wife to balloon up and then bam there’s three on the team? Clearly it is the way all of us arrived on this planet, but it’s almost too ludicrous to even consider.

The odd thing is that even though every one of us have been there, done that–gestation in the womb for 9 months, contractions that pushed us into the world and then our first shout of life on Earth–none of us remembering it happening *to* us. And even though it has happened more than 6 billion times only counting the people alive on this planet today, each of us only get to experience the event a handful of times. Sure, midwives and doctors see many more, but for the average person it’s typically their own and then their kids. But everyone I talk to who has children says it is one of the most profound days of their lives. It is amazing that something that every single one of us share can be so absolutely transcendent.

I can’t say I’m ready for it, but I’m definitely looking forward to it.