I knew it was dangerous to talk to her.  She’s been one of my best friends for more than 12 years, and she’s the one person besides my wife that I can really talk to about just about anything.  I knew it was going to be impossible to hang out with her, her husband and their 3 year old daughter without them figuring out that we were pregnant.  That’s why we had a plan to tell them this weekend when we saw them.

But I truly never expected supernatural powers to come into play when ferreting out our secret.  I called her the other night to talk about the weekend plans, and everything was just fine.  Normal conversation, no weird pauses or slip-ups by me revealing what was up.

But as the conversation came to a close, she said this to me: “Now, I don’t want to be nosey or anything, but I have to ask you something.”  Oh shit, I thought, here we go.  “Are you guys pregnant?” she asked, point blank.  I mumbled something like nah, but that would be so awesome, the whole time my eyes buggin out as I’m trying to tell my wife what our friend just asked me.  “Do we tell her?!?” I mouthed, nearly paralyzed.  Lying to one of my bestest friends felt so wrong, but she was continuing.  “Huh,” she said. “Cause the other night I had this really vivid dream with your wife in it and she told me that she was pregnant and then we started doing yoga and were levitating and all this stuff.  It was incredible, and it was so vivid that I really thought you would be.”

By this time I had flipped it to speaker and my wife and I just sat there staring at the phone as these crazy words came out of it.  After another moment of mimed questioning to each other and hushed conversation we decided we couldn’t lie.  We were going to tell her anyway, so why not right then?  It would have been more fun in person, but when a best friend tells you that they had a dream that you were pregnant and you are it is really just impossibly rude to sit there and lie to them.

“Well,” my wife said, “the thing is, I am!”

“You are!?  You’re not joking!?  Oh my god that is so crazy and awesome!” our friend shouted.

“I cannot believe you just asked us that!” I said to her.  I still can’t.

Now, it was no secret that we were hoping for a family so it’s no surprise that it was on our friend’s mind.  But she’s known this for months and has never asked, and in all that time she’s never had a dream like this, either.

I knew it was going to be impossible to hide this from her, but I had no idea that she already knew, even before she spoke to us or saw us.  I can’t wait to see them both in person and I know my wife is very excited to talk pregnancy with her.  Hopefully her husband will have some fatherly insight for me, too.  I love the way they are raising their daughter and I hope we can do as well with the little bundle of joy that’s on the way.

I’m seeing some other best friends tonight, but it will only be me.  We’ve got a lot of things to talk about that have nothing to do with secrets or pregnancy or anything even close, so I’m hopeful that I can pull this off.  But these friends very intuitive, too, so it’s gonna be touch and go all night.