Well we managed to fed off any suspicious friends, but we decided that family simply had to know. We spent Saturday afternoon with my wife’s Aunt, and there was no way we could keep it from her. It just felt wrong. So if we were going to tell her, we had to tell both of our parents and the rest of our siblings.

The phone calls were fantastic. We had hoped to see everyone and tell them in person, but her parents are in Florida and we won’t see them for weeks. And we could have gone to see my parents, but Dad’s not feeling well, and we can’t have a mother-to-be hanging with a sickie. Besides, once we started talking about it we simply had to tell everyone right away. Making one family member hide our secret from another would be tough. Mom knew on Sunday, but we didn’t get a chance to talk to my two bros until this afternoon. That meant Mom had to pretend nothing was happening when she saw my younger bro this morning and I know it was not easy for her! That she pulled it off and never let on is impressive indeed.

Indigestion and cramps have been my wife’s main symptoms so far. A little dizziness, too. Transformations are taking place within her. It is going to be incredible to watch this happen. I already feel bad that it is going to be taxing and uncomfortable, but she is tough and so excited. I know she is going to be an amazing Mom and will kick ass at being pregnant.

And speaking of Moms, both of ours let out such a shout when we told them the news. It was so much fun to make them so happy.